Our small English supplement | BURNXIT edition


After EUROXIT disgrace

After BREXIT edition

Dear fucking English bastards,

Wherever you live, even those that live on our island, you really fucked it up this time. Your Brexit has opened the askos of Mr Aeolos and believe me Aeolos does not fucking joke. From now and on you will go back to your usual British selves. You will come to Ayia Napa peeing, vomiting and shitting every fucking day until even the scambacks Ayianapites will be sick of you. In fact the upcoming elite will sphonge their bums with that twenty pound note with the queen bitch on the front.

Now you will have to get ready to kiss the arse of the Scots, the Irish and the Welsh and say goodbye to them. It is a well-known fact that the bums of the Scots stink like hell. In fact you will need a visa to visit the Edinburgh theatre festival and if you are caught smoking a joint you could well spent the night looking under the skirt or kilt of a butch Scottish prison ward. It is a well known fact that Scottish wards have a habit of raping English prisoners. You will be left with the Pakis and Indians and the Albanian mafia eating your bangers and mash (if you can afford them) in the old working cafes of your cities. We are not condemning you for leaving the EU, you for once acted wisely, in fact we want to leave as well, not because we hate shitface Merkel, but because you were there until recently and is a well known fact that wherever you’ve been, the place fucking stings and is rotten like the balls of your prince Philip. You are the scum of the earth. You got in the EU with the dream that your ppezevengis Turkey will soon join. Now you got out because you don’t want the fucking Turkish Muslims taking over your hospitals and welfare service. Suddenly the Turks are not so good. You want to go your own way and we will respect your referendum even though you fucking swines did not respect our referendum. That’s how you are a nation of shillopoushtos. While you were in the EU the percentage of gays and the rest of anomalies dropped from 52% of men to 45%. Now that you are out you will reach the 60% mark. That is why your fucking high commission spends thousands of pounds every year in buying t-shirts and other memorabilia for the Cyprus GAY PARADE. That is why your high commisioner gives orders to all the staff and their relatives to attend the gay parade.

Your problems in Cyprus and the world now begin. There is going to be a Brexit in Cyprus as well. To be more precise it’s going to be a BURNXIT. We are going to burn you to the fucking ground until you say TTOBE. There’s not going to be a referendum. We are going to chack you out once and for all. You will burn and your fatty bodies will shring to nonentity. You will go to hell and come back with the people of the so called commonwealth poking your eyes out and sticking kourkoutaes up you bums. Perhaps then you will remember Afxentiou, Matsis and the young freedom fighters that your Queen sent to the gallows. Cunts. May your blood become avlagin.

ΕΝΩΣΙΣ Ιουνίου

P.S.: Do not forget we are twice the population of Iceland. Thus if England 1 – Iceland 2, now it’s going to be BRITISH EMPIRE 1 – CYPRUS 5. Gamo tin ratsan sas gamo.